PNPYO calls on Commissioner to Investigate Social Media Reports of Increased Robberies of Young Women

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 – KINGSTON, JAMAICA: The People’s National Party Youth Organization (PNPYO) is today asking Commissioner of Police, Mr. George Quallo to launch an investigation into the recent number of increased reports by young women, on social media, of robberies and kidnappings in the Halfway Tree, Boulevard, Spanish Town, and Portmore transportation areas.

Though an unconventional means of reporting, it is important that we nonetheless treat these reports with great urgency. From the several numbers of reports, it would appear that armed rogue criminals are targeting passengers, young women especially, taking public transportation.

We ask that in the interim, until such investigations have commenced and concluded, the Commissioner:

1. Increase police presence in these transportation areas; and

2. Increase the number of spot checks on public transportation vehicles since some of these criminals seem to be disguising themselves as regular public passengers.

Given the elevated levels of criminality in Jamaica, we ask that all Jamaicans, especially women:

1. Exercise greater caution when travelling via public transportation;

2. Refrain from taking robot taxis;

3. When possible, to travel in large groups; and

4. Where possible, avoid travelling at nights.


Connoly Black


People’s National Party Youth Organization




Kingston, December 20, 2017:

The PNPYO is this morning, questioning the judgment of the Prime Minister to appoint, in good conscience, Aubyn Hill as the Executive Director of the Economic Growth Council. This is another example of Mr. Holness disregard for national institutions that have been established to ensure accountability, transparency and good governance in the conduct and operations of government, and to protect the assets of taxpayers. It also continues a worrying trend by Mr. Holness to ignore and blatantly disregard the recommendations from these institutions, namely the Office of the Contractor General (OCG), and most recently the Office of the Political Ombudsman – to whom he recently intimated that he’s not answerable. The truth is, Mr. Hill’s history suggests that he, at best, does not recognize conflicts of interest in the operations of government, and it further appears that based on a most recent ruling by the OCG, in such situations, he operates above basic good governance; and at worse, on too many occasions as further outlined by the OCG, have found himself in questionable transactions as it relates to the responsibilities of holding and operating in a public position.

The Office of the Contractor General, in 2009, investigated Mr. Hill for impropriety for contracts awarded to him, by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, whilst in the capacity of Chairman of the board of SCJ Holdings. It was later concluded that not only did SCJ Holdings hold Government Assets being divested, but also that Mr. Hill and or Corporate Strategies was awarded Government contracts to the sum of 27 million dollars.

It was found and concluded that the consultancy contracts awarded, which were improperly represented by the then Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, the Permanent Secretary, and Mr. Hill as ‘contracts of employment’, were in breach of the:

1.         Government Procurement Procedure Handbook (May 2001) in that the National Contract Commission (NCC) had not approved the first contract; and

2.         Revised Government Procurement Procedure Handbook (Nov 2008) in that the second contract had not undertaken the competitive tender process and the actual date of commencement preceded the effective date of contract, which means it had been executed before its approval.

The OCG concluded further, that the actions of Mr. Hill equated at the very minimum to a conflict of interest, and that he knowingly placed himself in this situation since it is, self-evident that Mr. Hill, as the Consultant, would have been reporting to himself in his capacity as the Chairman and/or member of both SCJ and SCJ Holdings.

In another OCG Report dated October 2008, the question arose as to whether Mr. Hill had demitted, or in the process of demitting, the office of director of the DBJ; and whether DBJ had conducted ‘at sufficient arm’s length’, the leasing of a property owned by the DBJ to NationGrowth Micro Finance Limited for which Mr. Hill was also the Chairman.  The OCG found a proposal made by Mr. Hill to the DBJ while he was a director, to lease the property to NationGrowth, but later presented to the DBJ board by a colleague of his, to be ‘highly irregular’ since Mr. Hill would have had a personal interest and ‘flagrantly contravened’ the normal process by which the DBJ would take submissions of, evaluate and approve business proposals.

Mr. Hill was said to be in contravention of the:

1.         Public Bodies Management and Accountability Act; and

2.         Jamaica Development Bank Act.

It is upon these revelations of the formal reports of the Office of the Contractor General dated October 2008, and September 2010, and declarations made by the Prime Minister of the appointment of Mr. Hill as advisor to the Minister of Finance, that the PNPYO questions the appointment of Mr. Hill to such a commission charged with the fulsome task of advising the GOJ as to initiatives and sub-initiatives to yield Economic Growth.

In our opinion a less impugned candidate could have been appointed in light of the OCG’s recommendation that Mr. Hill be barred from serving on any GOJ Board of Directors. We are even more particularly concerned with this appointment as Mr. Hill in speaking at the event where the Prime Minister gave public notification of his new public role, stared that he intends to work with every Permanent Secretary to manage and monitor government expenditure. The PNPYO therefore calls on the Prime Minister to rescind Mr. Hill’s appointment and to begin with this move to draw a line in the sand as it relates to the test of transparency and good governance in the conduct of public life. We saw it in the FLA operations, there are questions emerging within the Police Car Scandal as well, and we saw it with the Finance Ministers $8m phone Bill.



PNPYO Demands that Johnson-Smith Apologize to Dr. Morris

November 11, 2017
KINGSTON, JAMAICA: The People’s National Party’s Youth Organization is this morning demanding an apology from Sen. Kamina Johnson- Smith to Senator Dr. Floyd Morris for the disparaging remarks she made yesterday morning while addressing the Senate on the Nation Identification and Registration Bill.

Minutes before the start of the senate, Senator Morris was given several pages of amendments in writing that he was expected to peruse for discussion. Senator Morris, who is visually impaired, expressed difficulty and asked for an adjournment of the senate to facilitate his participation in the debate. The government senators voted against his request.

As if this were not enough, the Senate majority leader, Kamina Johnson-Smith went further to mock Dr. Morris saying he would have just completed his PhD and autobiography and should therefore come into no difficulty understanding the amendments provided. This is a clear abandonment of the prior commitment she had made to senate, during the debate on the Jury Act, to work with the Parliamentary clerk to better facilitate disabled members.

This to us, is a disgraceful and calculated attack, not only on Senator Floyd Morris but also, the disabled community of this country. It demonstrates that the Government of Jamaica gives little regard to the challenges of our disable brothers and sisters and think it burdensome to accommodate them in the ways necessary to ensure their full participation.

Dr. Morris’ achievements showcase the key role our disabled community can and have played in governance.

Given the advent of the Disabilities Act, this government, especially, should foster the inclusion of all and not seek to treat our disabled Jamaicans as second-class citizens. The disabled community already faces overwhelming challenges daily; from the deprivation of sidewalks on roads, exclusion of the use of braille in schools and workplace inter alia.

The PNPYO, is therefore inviting all Jamaicans, to join their voices in demanding a public apology from Senator Kamina Johnson Smith not just to Senator Morris but the entire disabled community for her ignorance, arrogance and lack of consideration for the disabled community.


Ms. Connoly Black
PNP YO President

PNPYO Calls For Warmington’s Dismissal

October 17, 2017
KINGSTON, JAMAICA: The Peoples National Party’s Youth Organization (PNPYO) this afternoon questions the integrity of Holness led government since the administration is yet to dissociate themselves from the repulsive statements made by Cabinet Minister Everald Warmington, at a party gathering hosted in South East St. Mary last weekend. In his address Minister Warmington insinuated to the people of South East St. Mary that it would a hindrance to the constituency’s development to elect a Member of Parliament from the PNP under a JLP led government. 

The Prime Minister’s failure to distance himself from such repugnant statements not only prejudices the Works Portfolio and the entire administration but also leaves us to conclude that the Prime Minister approved the statements and adopted them as his own. The disparaging statements authenticate the claims of victimization through the debushing and road programs administered under Works portfolio and is telling of the disdain meted out to constituencies not represented by JLP Members of Parliament. This kind of vengeful approach to development of the constituencies of the country by the Jamaica Labour Party is nothing short of a cruel attack on the people of Jamaica and their democratic right to elect a representative of the their choice.

Minister Warmington has been known to frequently and unapologetically make damaging statements such as these. Leading up to the last elections Mr. Warmington warned the voters of ‘ No vote no benefits’. It is on these grounds that the PNP YO is publicly calling on the Prime Minister to once and for all put an end to the episodes of Mr. Warmington by dismissing him from the Works Portfolio in an attempt to salvage the integrity of the Government of Jamaica.

Bipartisan cooperation is imperative and Mr. Warmington represents a direct and inexcusable threat to the development of our country. 


Connoly Black (Ms.)

PNP YO President

PNP YO Slams Young Jamaica 

October 14th, 2017PNP YO Slams Young Jamaica 
KINGSTON, JAMAICA: The Peoples’ National Party’s Youth Organization this afternoon, expresses outrage at what they described as a most irresponsible statement made by Young Jamaica in a recent release in relation Dr. Shane Alexis, PNP candidate for the South East St. Mary By-election. 

In a statement this afternoon the PNP YO said, ‘Dr. Shane Alexis received no scholarship from the Government of Jamaica for his Medical Studies in Cuba. At no time did Dr. Alexis receive any financial consideration or support from the Government of Jamaica whether academically related or otherwise. Had Mr. Chamberlain, the President of Young Jamaica, who is an aspiring attorney, done sufficient research, he would have confirmed these facts.’

The provisions of the Cuba – Jamaica bilateral agreement are clear and have been virtually unchanged since its inception. It is hinged on formalized Jamaican citizenship thus making it virtual impossibility for any other nationality to be considered. 

It is upon these facts that the PNPYO encourages Young Jamaica to research before they speak. ‘This is a clear attempt not only sully the reputation of a medical professional but is also clear attack on the integrity of the Government of Jamaica/Government of Cuba bilateral agreement. Unless evidence can be produced in the contrary, Young Jamaica should refrain from making such careless statements. It is important that as young representatives of public opinion, we conduct ourselves in a more responsible manner rather than to promote candidates through blind and mindless loyalty’, said President Black. 

Dr. Alexis has been and continues to be a youthful servant of the Jamaican people. His appointment by previous PNP and the current JLP led administration to governmental boards not only speaks to his capacity but to his integrity and dedication to building Jamaica.


PNP YO Commends the Granting of University Charter to Caribbean Maritime University (CMU)

September 29, 2017
PNP YO Commends the Granting of University Charter to Caribbean Maritime University (CMU)

KINGSTON, JAMAICA: The People’s National Party Youth Organization (PNP YO) congratulates the Caribbean Maritime Institute now Caribbean Maritime University on being conferred to the status of University. The University was born out of co-operationbetween the Government of Jamaica and the Government of the Kingdom of Norway, with the aim to train and equip professional seafarers.

We acknowledge the great strides made over the years, as the Caribbean Maritime has extended its reach globally and is today, recognized as a center of excellence for tertiary maritime education in the Caribbean. Importantly, the CMU now enjoys the elite status of being the only internationally approved maritime education and training institution in Jamaica producing world-class logistics and industry leaders. 

We urge CMU to continue to drive Jamaica’s economic development through the provision of good quality education and training.


Connoly Black (Ms.)

PNP YO President

PNPYO Applauds Phillips’ Shadow Cabinet Selection 

PNPYO Applauds Phillips’ Shadow Cabinet Selection 

KINGSTON, JAMAICA: The People’s National Party Youth Organization (PNP YO) wishes to applaud Opposition Leader and Party President, Dr. Peter David Phillips on his selection of members to form the new Shadow Cabinet. We particularly applaud the inclusion of youthful representation in Dayton Campbell, Lisa Hanna, Mikael Phillips and our former PNP YO President Damion Crawford. We believe this is reflective of the PNP’s seriousness with regards to attacking head-on the issues crippling the development of our nation’s youth. It is with this new vigor and vitality complimented by the experience and wisdom of the other members of the shadow cabinet, that the PNP shows its commitment to resolving our nation’s issues in an attempt to move Jamaica forward. 

We have no doubt that at all times, issues unique to Jamaican youth will remain at the forefront of the minds of our newly selected shadow cabinet. After all, it is imperative that we not only counter in the strongest voice, the anti-youth policies of the Government but also introduce a new and higher level of thinking and planning for sustained development where it is now lacking.  

The naming of this new shadow cabinet concretizes the growing public belief that the PNP is a government in waiting. The PNPYO remains supportive of Dr. Phillips’ leadership and stands by our Party’s vision to create a Jamaica that works for all. 

Ms. Connoly Black 

PNP YO President