Kingston, Jamaica:- The People’s National Party Youth Organization commends the Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sports, Youth and Culture, the Hon. Olivia Grange, in continuing the tradition of celebrating our athletes and we once again congratulate Team Jamaica on its stellar performance at 2016 Summer Olympics held in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. However, the PNPYO believes that the J$82M spent on the execution of the celebratory activities could be put to better use if the Government focused on projects that will honour the legacy of the athletes and subsequently benefit Jamaica’s athletics program for the foreseeable future.Minister Grange has stated that J$40M will be allocated to cover the actual expenses of the celebrations, with the other J$42M million disbursed to cover cash prizes to the individual athletes, coaches and managers. Minister Grange has revealed that the event will be funded using the Sports Development Foundation, the Culture, Health, Arts, Sports, and Education Fund (CHASE), the Ministry of Tourism, and a number of private sponsors. Nevertheless, the PNPYO is recommending that even $42 million of that total cost could be used to commission 3 legacy projects:

– The establishment of a Jamaica Sports Museum.

– The creation of a Jamaica Athletics Sculpture Park.

– The creation of The Jamaica Athletics Center of Excellence.

The Center of Excellence will be equipped with all the requisite facilities to provide training for our athletes, first world physiotherapy facilities, nutrition needs, as well as being staffed by management professionals who can continue to provide adequate guidance and management to our athletes, particularly the young and upcoming who are yet to establish themselves and are unable to afford those much needed services.

We would further recommend that all three projects, be jointly managed by the Sports Development Foundation and that the proceeds from all three ventures be used for the management and maintenance of the Athletics Center of Excellence.

It is important that we do not execute large celebratory events just to “tick a box” or to revel in great moments but we ensure that while we celebrate we also envision projects that can bring tangible benefits and impact the future of our rich athletic history. Again, the PNPYO extends a very hearty congratulation to our athletes.


For More Information, Contact:

Connoly Black

Opposition Youth Spokesperson on Tourism & Sports

Vice President of the PNPYO

Andrae Blair

President, PNPYO

Tel: 581-8733



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