Kingston, Jamaica:- The PNPYO is flabbergasted that the JLP could consider ‘hypocritical’ our commendations for the Minister to celebrate the successes of our athletes, while offering, what the JLP themselves have admitted are commendable alternate recommendations.
The PNPYO is of the firm belief that the proposals are of a developmental nature and we would hope that the current JLP administration would want to take them on board.

If the JLP were truly of a developmental mindset they would see that the implementation of an Athletics Sculpture Park and a Sports Museum would not only honour the proud achievements of our athletes but would be monumental attractions in significantly developing Jamaica’s sports tourism product.

What better way to honour the legacy of our athletes than to develop the Athletics Center of Excellence which will act as a catalyst to ensure Jamaica’s continued success as an athletics super power.

The PNPYO is an organization with a developmental outlook and we are only interested in having conversations geared towards the growth and development of Jamaica. We hoped that the JLP would have been able to develop such a culture, but alas they have proved once again the “Old Habits Die Hard”.

For More Information, Contact:

Andrae Blair

President, PNPYO

Tel: 581-8733



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