The People’s National Party Youth Oganization (PNPYO) is of the view that the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Police did not work collaboratively and effectively enough to secure justice for the family of 17 year old Kingston College student Khajeel Mais in light of the “not guilty” verdict handed to Mr. Patrick Powell in the case of Khajeel’s shooting death. As a result there are some poignant questions that the DPP and the Police should answer.


The DPP has lost a number of cases based on lack of evidence. In the case just concluded, the prosecution seemed to have been solely dependent on the testimony of the Taxi Driver, who became a “hostile witness” and changed his statement. Did the witness sign to say his statement was true and if so, will he be charged with perjury in short order? In addition, why wasn’t the focus and reliance on getting scientific and forensic evidence?


It was revealed that Mr. Powell refused to hand over his firearm for testing within the five year delay of the case being heard. We understand his right to refuse surrendering his firearm, however we are not convinced of the collaborative effort of the DPP and the Police in ensuring all avenues were explored in obtaining the weapon. Has Mr. Powell been renewing his firearm with the Firearm Licensing Agency (FLA) over the five year period? If yes, was the FLA contacted and empowered to get the ballistic history of the firearm to match it with evidence from the crime scene? If he has not been renewing his firearm license, it would mean that he is now an illegal holder of a firearm and if this is so; will he be charged?


The PNPYO is extremely disappointed in the way in which the cased progressed and concluded after five years of delay. We are of the view that it is a travesty of justice and both the DPP and the Police need to get their act together when handling these cases because as is, justice is NOT being served.


We offer our condolences to the family and friends of Khajeel Mais.

 For More Information:Andrae Blair

President, PNPYO

Tel: 581-8733



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