The People’s National Party’s Youth Organization (PNPYO) is outraged at the recent spate of murders in Jamaica. We are even more alarmed at the overwhelming silence from Ministers of Government, civil society movements and other social and religious organizations alike. Of specific importance are the crimes being perpetrated against women, the most recent of which resulted in the death of 19-yr-old Tashoy Barrett of St. Thomas, who it is alleged, was brutally murdered by her companion. It is absolutely heart breaking that one of the most vulnerable groups in society is being targeted, while nothing is being done to mobilize or protect same.


The PNPYO notes that since the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has assumed office, crime has parachuted island wide. Further, neither the Prime Minister nor the Minister of National Security has made any attempt to address the state of the nation.


The PNPYO recognizes that crime ought not to be used to advance one’s political agendas, as it is a phenomenon that affects all Jamaicans and by extensions our visitors. The current state of affairs however, demands the utmost urgency from those in the positions to lead and the PNPYO believes that ten months in office is sufficient time for the Government to put forth, as promised, a workable crime plan to fight against and bring to justice perpetrators of crime. Ministers of Government are put in positions to lead and protect the welfare of ALL Jamaicans.

In light of the fact that ten months has elapsed since the Minister of National Security has taken office, the PNPYO strongly believes that an effective and appropriate crime plan ought to have been offered to the people of Jamaica by now. With the rapid increase of violent crimes and crimes against women, the deafening silence from the Minister of National Security reflects his inability to properly pilot the Ministry. The Minister of National Security must admit that the interests and safety of the Jamaican people is paramount. Given the Ministers’ dereliction, failure to act and essentially protect the Jamaican citizens, the PNPYO hereby calls on the Minister to tender his resignation with immediate effect.


We also plea to the Prime Minister to provide leadership by replacing Mr. Montague with a capable and effective Minister of National Security who will appreciate the urgency of Jamaica’s climate of criminality. We also propose that once a new Minister of National Security has been assigned, that he or she immediately engages the acting Commissioner of Police in careful and strategic conversation, after which both parties should present to the nation a COMPREHENSIVE CRIME PLAN to be executed in order to restore peace of mind to the Jamaican people.


The PNPYO pauses to extend its deepest and most sincere condolences to the family and friends of all those who have lost loved ones at the hands of criminal elements in the recent months.


We ask that all Jamaicans at this time join hands, hearts and voices in speaking up and out against criminality.



Ms. Connoly Black

Interim President, PNPYO


Why Rush the Swearing in of Councillors in St. Thomas Parish Municipality?

ST. THOMAS, Jamaica- We watch with utter concern the manner in which the administration at the St. Thomas Parish Council chooses to defy the law. Following the result of the recently-concluded Local Government Election, the St. Thomas Parish Council wound up with a 5-5 tie, with the Jamaica Labour Party having the popular vote. Under normal circumstances, the mayor would be a JLP representative while the deputy would be a member of the PNP caucus.

However, the residency of councilor-elect Dean Jones of the Yallahs Division, has been questionable. The Local Governance Act, 2016 states explicitly in the Eighth Schedule that:

(4) No person shall be capable of being elected a member of a Council or, having been so elected, shall sit or vote in a Council unless the person has resided in the area within the jurisdiction of the relevant Local Authority for twelve months immediately preceding the day of election.

This means that an individual who does not live in the parish is not qualified to be a representative in the Parish Council as is the case with Mr. Dean Jones who resides in Portmore, St. Catherine and not St. Thomas. Additionally, he is also a Judge Orderly by profession which prohibits him from running for political office. An election petition was filed in order to have the Chief Justice look into the case. Like the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation, the St. Thomas Municipal Council could have awaited but somehow there is the impression that the administration at the Municiap Council is rushing to get the Swearing-In Ceremony over and done with.

We will add that the Acting Secretary Manager of the Parish Council was served with the petition as a respondent. Does she have no regard for the law? Or, is it the usual vulgar politics at play? The Law of the Parish Council indicates that a Mayor cannot be changed for at least one year after he/she has been sworn in. The situation is a very sensitive case, in that; the court ruling could in fact influence the outcome of the governance of the St. Thomas Parish Council.

As young people, we are perturbed and disappointed to say the least. We are tired of people in authority manipulating the system in an attempt to push their agendas- whatever they may be. If, persons and institutions, who know better refuse to uphold the basic laws of the country then it is with sadness that we declare that the democracy in Jamaica Land We Love is being sabotaged.


Kimberley Thompson

Parish Chair (St. Thomas)