People’s National Party Youth Organization89 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6

Telephone: 978-1337 ext. 224/584-6772


For: Immediate Release

To: All Media Houses






Kingston, March 22, 2017: The People’s National Party’s Youth Organization (PNPYO) is today encouraging all young persons and by extension the entire Jamaica to take a stand against the extortionate and obviously indefensible tax package waged against the people of Jamaica in order to fulfill an ‘ill-thought-out’ campaign promise.


It was our hope, given the many voices of the Jamaican public that have stepped into the space to demand the retraction of what we consider to be a reallocation of taxes, that the now Government would do the honourable thing to renegotiate their efforts and put to the Jamaican people a credible, workable and conscionable budget. We recognize however, from the utterances of the Minister of Finance who so arrogantly stated that there would be no rollback of taxes, that the welfare of the Jamaican society is secondary to that of the pursuit of political mileage of this Jamaica Labour Party led administration. To make matters worse, Prime Minister Andrew Holness in his budget contribution, trivialized the impact of the implementation of 13 Billion dollars in additional taxes even after he described Jamaica as an ‘overtaxed’ nation.


The burden of increased taxation will lay squarely on the backs of the most vulnerable in society and the hard working youth of Jamaica struggling to purchase their first homes, repaying student and car loans, travelling on public transportation to and from school and work – making an honest living. The increase in taxes on gas will directly affect the prices of public and private transportation, electricity and production therefore forcing the people to sacrifice more for the sake of selfish governance. Our young and working class will face higher premiums to secure for themselves access to affordable health care from an inefficient and somewhat ‘toxic’ health system. It is incredibly ironic that the Prime Minister claiming to be in pursuit of a healthy nation would tax health insurance not only threatening the livelihood of businesses but also the accessibility of healthcare by the most vulnerable in society. It is obvious that the welfare of this nation is far removed from the minds of this administration.


It is with this in mind that the PNPYO stands in support of the ‘walk out’ of the Parliamentary Opposition and is appealing to the moral of the Jamaica Labour Party Government. We ask that you do what is right, sustainable and equitable by considering for the first time the people of Jamaica.  


If however, the Government fails to do what is in the best interest of the people, we the PNPYO will stand firmly in protest against the depraved execution of impractical campaign promises in the name of ‘ARTIFICIAL PROSPERITY.’
Let us not create a hopeless Jamaica!



Ms. Connoly M Black

Peoples National Party Youth Org. 



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