Dr. Peter Phillips Engages Youth

We are awed at the change in political wind in our country. The rhetoric for quite some time now has been whether age influences one’s decision in choosing a political leader. Most people will say ‘no,’ competence is the chief variable that influences their decision. On the other hand, in recent times the electorate has been demanding the political parties to have youth representation in the Houses of Parliament.
We are very proud of Prime Minister, Andrew Holness for becoming the youngest Prime Minister and a long-standing Member of Parliament. However, a few weeks ago, we noticed a meme circulating on social media with a number of MP’s from the Jamaica Labour Party who are well over the age of retirement. One would never guess, because when we think of age, all we see is the fact that our Prime Minister is young. We were never prompted to take into account the age of his cabinet ministers.
It is interesting to note however, that although Dr. Peter Phillips is Prime Minister Holness’ senior by well over a score, we see more youth involvement surfacing from the PNP. We have been watching keenly the approach Dr. Phillips would have taken and although it is still early days, he seems to be one who can relate with the youth and engage them. We see tangible evidence of this with people such as Damion Crawford and Raymond Pryce coming back actively on the political scene.
To put the icing on the cake, the appointment of former senator, Imani Duncan-Price to Chief of Staff in the Office of the Opposition Leader is a big deal! The epitome of inclusion and leadership mixed with experience and youth. That is commendable!
We look forward to good governance and an even more robust opposition.
Kimberley Thompson


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