PNPYO Calls For Warmington’s Dismissal

October 17, 2017
KINGSTON, JAMAICA: The Peoples National Party’s Youth Organization (PNPYO) this afternoon questions the integrity of Holness led government since the administration is yet to dissociate themselves from the repulsive statements made by Cabinet Minister Everald Warmington, at a party gathering hosted in South East St. Mary last weekend. In his address Minister Warmington insinuated to the people of South East St. Mary that it would a hindrance to the constituency’s development to elect a Member of Parliament from the PNP under a JLP led government. 

The Prime Minister’s failure to distance himself from such repugnant statements not only prejudices the Works Portfolio and the entire administration but also leaves us to conclude that the Prime Minister approved the statements and adopted them as his own. The disparaging statements authenticate the claims of victimization through the debushing and road programs administered under Works portfolio and is telling of the disdain meted out to constituencies not represented by JLP Members of Parliament. This kind of vengeful approach to development of the constituencies of the country by the Jamaica Labour Party is nothing short of a cruel attack on the people of Jamaica and their democratic right to elect a representative of the their choice.

Minister Warmington has been known to frequently and unapologetically make damaging statements such as these. Leading up to the last elections Mr. Warmington warned the voters of ‘ No vote no benefits’. It is on these grounds that the PNP YO is publicly calling on the Prime Minister to once and for all put an end to the episodes of Mr. Warmington by dismissing him from the Works Portfolio in an attempt to salvage the integrity of the Government of Jamaica.

Bipartisan cooperation is imperative and Mr. Warmington represents a direct and inexcusable threat to the development of our country. 


Connoly Black (Ms.)

PNP YO President


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