PNPYO calls on Commissioner to Investigate Social Media Reports of Increased Robberies of Young Women

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 – KINGSTON, JAMAICA: The People’s National Party Youth Organization (PNPYO) is today asking Commissioner of Police, Mr. George Quallo to launch an investigation into the recent number of increased reports by young women, on social media, of robberies and kidnappings in the Halfway Tree, Boulevard, Spanish Town, and Portmore transportation areas.

Though an unconventional means of reporting, it is important that we nonetheless treat these reports with great urgency. From the several numbers of reports, it would appear that armed rogue criminals are targeting passengers, young women especially, taking public transportation.

We ask that in the interim, until such investigations have commenced and concluded, the Commissioner:

1. Increase police presence in these transportation areas; and

2. Increase the number of spot checks on public transportation vehicles since some of these criminals seem to be disguising themselves as regular public passengers.

Given the elevated levels of criminality in Jamaica, we ask that all Jamaicans, especially women:

1. Exercise greater caution when travelling via public transportation;

2. Refrain from taking robot taxis;

3. When possible, to travel in large groups; and

4. Where possible, avoid travelling at nights.


Connoly Black


People’s National Party Youth Organization